What is HulloFONE?

HulloFONE is a complete suite of communications software applications that empowers you to make and receive affordable local and international calls, anywhere in the world simply with a good internet connection.

Save the trouble of installing expensive PBX or keyphone hardware; you save BIG with HulloFONE!

Why choose HulloFONE?

Beat the Virus & Stay Connected - Telecommute with your office line at home and anywhere in the world!

SAVE 30% on your existing office fixed phone line subscription.

FREE calls, call transfers, forwarding, conferencing etc. across all your branches WORLDWIDE.

Enjoy COMPETITIVE and AFFORDABLE international calls!

GLOBALISE your business with Virtual International Phone Numbers (60+ countries available). EMPOWER your OVERSEAS clients to TALK to you directly!

SAVE UP TO 99% in global roaming charges when you travel!

RETAIN your LOCAL telephone numbers when you replace your existing phone system or even when your business operations have moved overseas.

Integrated Voice Response (IVR), Do Not Call (DNC) and other features are available.



BizPhone is a business VoIP solution with inbuilt features that is traditionally supported by IP-PBX only. and much more. You can use BizPhone with your PC, mobile phone or our BizPhone apps or any SIP-enabled device you’re having.

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Virtual Line

Virtual Line allows companies to instantly setup a professional virtual hotline with customized auto attendant and extensions. You can create a multi-layered IVR menu with ring queue and ring group numbers, leaving no prospect or important customer unanswered.

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Call Centre

Call Centre powerful features will give you better performance transparency. Facilitate data-driven decision making for better customer service and get calls answered rapidly by the right agent.

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Enables you to easily support enterprise security, compliance and workflow requirements while cutting telco costs dramatically. With our SIP app, you can easily setup (auto attendant), automated DNC checking and call recording workflow into each and every call.

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Call Recording

Call Recording automatically records and store all incoming and outgoing calls from BizPhone, SIP, Virtual Line and Direct Line providing you insight into every voice interaction to ensure standard adherence or assist in resolving disputes.

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Direct Line

Direct line permits you to grow your business global presence and stay reachable uninterruptedly. Direct line forwards calls from virtual office numbers to any number even when you are at home, on the road or overseas.

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With Fax, you can save the fax machine maintenance fee and paper cost because all are included in the monthly subscription and each successful fax sent and received can be retrieved online. Fax app allows you send and receive faxes on PC, mobile phone and tablets that are connected to the internet.

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SMS Marketing

This feature rich SMS app enables you to effortlessly and efficiently communicate and engage with customers. You can have full control to execute and schedule you marketing campaigns wherever you want by creating a single SMS or a SMS campaigns beforehand to send immediately or schedule sending at your desired timing.

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Call Tracking

Quantifying the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is now made much more simple with Call Tracking – a tool for you to track the online and offline sources of the prospect calling you.

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Global DNC

With Global DNC, you will have a fully automated tool that checks your calls, SMSes and faxes against DNC and your internal blacklist in real time, ensuring complete legal compliance with optimal efficiency for your telemarketing efforts.

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Each of the following solutions are unique and powerful, and can be
combined to complete your communications needs.

Call Tracking

Quantifying the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is made simple with our Sales and Marketing solution. call data is collected and organized for your to easily evaluate and optimize your advertising efforts toward channels that have the highest ROI.

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Smart Contact Center

Our all-in-one multichannel contact center solution make it easier for customers to get in touch by any way they want, whether by call or chat. It is also ideal for call centers of any size that need to monitor and control performance indicators to maximize work productivity.

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Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX is designed to fit your company workflow and help boost your work productivity. Regardless of your company size, you can easily setup voice greetings, create phone extensions to forward calls anywhere: office, mobile or home.

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