What is HulloFONE?

Say GOODBYE to EXPENSIVE International and Local Calls! No EXPENSIVE Hardware Needed!

HulloFONE is a complete suite of communications software applications that empowers you to MAKE AND RECEIVE AFFORDABLE LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL CALLS, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD simply with a good internet connection.

Furthermore, there is NO NEED to install expensive PBX or keyphone hardware; you SAVE BIG with HulloFONE!

HulloFONE Suite of Applications:

  • BizPhone
  • Direct Line
  • Virtual Line
  • Fax

What can HulloFONE do for you?


The basic HulloFONE BizPhone is easily set up on to any IP phone (new or existing), or on any iPhone or Android FREE softphone app, and you are good to go. BizPhone is easily set up to power your business communications within minutes!

The cost of ownership for HulloFONE suite of apps is VERY AFFORDABLE, making BizPhone the perfect solution for start-ups and new companies.

HulloFONE is also ideal for mature companies looking for a long term affordable upgrade solution to their office communications needs!


Carry your office phone with you anywhere in the world – literally! Just bring along your IP Phone with you anywhere in the world; simply plug it into any internet enabled LAN port, and you can use your phone like you have never even left your office.

Install BizPhone directly on your Android or iPhone app and make or receive clear voice calls directly on your mobile phone.


With BizPhone, you can now truly globalise your business without expensive overseas investment set up, by signing up for any of 34 countries’ localised telephone numbers (Virtual DID Numbers)! Now with BizPhone DID numbers, your overseas customers can now reach you without having the need to move your business operations overseas!


NO MORE BILL SHOCKS when you use BizPhone overseas. All call rates are cheap and affordable unlike the exorbitant mobile roaming rates charged by your mobile telco partners. STAY CONNECTED with your local contacts and loved ones when you travel.

And with two or more basic BizPhones enabled, calls between you and your BizPhone empowered colleague are FREE OF CHARGE, anywhere in the world!

You can also retain your existing contact numbers as HulloFONE supports Number Port service from your current telco partners (Fixed line only. Telco charges may apply for number porting services).

Communications Solutions

Each of the following solutions are unique and powerful, and can be
combined to complete your communications needs.


NO MORE BILL SHOCKS when you use BizPhone overseas. All call rates are cheap and affordable unlike the exorbitant mobile roaming rates charged by your…

Direct Line

Direct line is a call forwarding app that allows you to stay connected with your business while out on business trips overseas, and even from home! It can…

Virtual Line

Virtual Line is an agile business solution for users to instantly set up a professional virtual hotline with customised auto attendant and phone extensions.


Fax app allows you to send and receive faxes on any device connected to the Internet. You can activate as many fax lines as you need from our range of…



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