Virtual Line

Virtual Line is an agile business solution for users to instantly set up a professional virtual hotline with customised auto attendant and phone extensions.

Your Virtual Phone Receptionist

Virtual Line allows you to create a multi-layered Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu with ring queue and ring group numbers, so that no calls from any prospect or important customer is left unanswered.

Change your attendant’s voice attributes anytime with the in-built text-to-speech message system.

Fully Customised Automated Message Responses for Business Hours and Public Holidays

Automate your Virtual Line with customised voice messages to respond to inbound callers according to business hours and public holidays. Virtual Line can be configured to receive voice messages, forward calls to mobile phones etc. so that you can be reached at all times.

Moreover, each layer of the IVR can operate separately with different numbers from 34 countries.

Virtual Line Features

  • Multiple international DID numbers add-on from 34 countries.
  • Unlimited layers of automated phone attendant.
  • IVR system support messages in 25 languages.
  • Call hunting – ring queue and ring group.
  • Missed call notification with voicemail.
  • Office hour and holiday customisation.
  • Integration with other add-on apps (BizPhone, Call Tracking, Call Recording).

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