NO MORE BILL SHOCKS when you use BizPhone overseas. All call rates are cheap and affordable unlike the exorbitant mobile roaming rates charged by your mobile telco partners. STAY CONNECTED with your local contacts and loved ones when you travel.

And with two or more basic BizPhones enabled, calls between you and your BizPhone empowered colleague are FREE OF CHARGE, anywhere in the world!

You can also retain your existing contact numbers as HulloFONE supports Number Port service from your current telco partners (Fixed line only. Telco charges may apply for number porting services).

BizPhone Features

  • Make and receive calls from any IP phone, iPhone or Android softphone app or SIP-enabled device.
  • Transfer calls between BizPhones, call hold and call into conference (maximum of 8 parties).
  • Calls between BizPhones are FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Text-to speech enabled missed call message for inbound caller to leave message.
  • Get notified of missed calls and listen to voicemail via email.
  • Record all incoming and outgoing conversations with Call Recording app (optional add-on).
  • Migrate (Number Port) your existing Singapore fixed line telephone numbers to HulloFONE.
  • International DID numbers from 33 countries available for subscription.

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